New Beginnings.

“Write what you know. Challenge yourself in studying and reading, but write what you know.”

When God first called me to write this blog, I reached out to my former youth pastor for advice on how to approach it. I don’t typically write about religion very much, and, if I’m going to be completely honest here, I don’t know a whole lot about Christianity in general. How does one write about something they know little about in the first place? I have never been to a Bible study and didn’t grow up in a church. I don’t fully understand what the purpose of communion is, and I definitely don’t understand why my church needs a gift shop in order to share the love of Jesus with others. The only Bible stories I’m fully aware of come from watching VeggieTales repeatedly as a child and listening to my mom teach my brother and I about God each night before bedtime.

Not being too sure on how to write what I know, I reached out to my best friend who simply told me to educate myself through Google. I would like to state very clearly here in the beginning that I am not a perfect person; I don’t follow most things that Christians are supposed to and I know about as much as a kid waving a palm leaf during a Palm Sunday processional. This blog will be a learning experience for both you, my dear reader, and myself as we journey through Christ together.